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A couple more filthy limericks from the book exclusively for clickers of the thistle!

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Banchory, Aberdeenshire

At the doctor’s surgery in Banch-ory

I said, ‘I’ll try to cut short a long story

I was shagging the life

Out of the fishmonger’s wife

And he’s shoved up my arse a John Dory†’

A John Dory, in case a definition is required, is an edible marine fish with rather large spikes on its fins.

Kingussie, Highland

There was a young lady from Kingussie‡

With an amazing musical pussy

It’d play for a starter

A Beethoven sonata

Then several works by Debussy

Which is pronounced ‘King-ewsie’ and therefore this limerick may require a particular pronunciation of the word ‘pussy’!


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